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    Parent Information Sessions


    31 Aug, 2018

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    • Successful learning relies on a partnership between school and home. Effective, ongoing communication between teachers and parents is vital. At the beginning of 2018-2019, school hosted separate information sessions for ECE, Primary and Secondary, from which parents had opportunity to learn various programmes offered by school, as well as better understanding of school management and student support.

      • ECE information Session

      On Tuesday, 28th August, ECE conducted an information session for K3 and K4 parents, to familiarize them with learning communities, the emergent curriculum in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS), digital portfolios, communicating via ClassDojo what a day in ECE typically looks likes and the expectations and routines that occur in the Early Years. It concluded with questioning where parents could seek clarification regarding things they wished to find out. All in all, it was a very successful afternoon.

      • Primary Information Sessions

      Last Friday, Primary Parents gathered to learn more about the academic year ahead. Parents had the opportunity to meet our Leadership Team and learn more about our leading International Programme. The focus of this session was the development of our innovative ‘Learning Communities’ approach to teaching and learning. Our Parents enjoyed the opportunity to join their child within their own Learning Community areas and meet their Team of Teachers. We look forward to working closely with our Primary parents this academic year.

      • Secondary Information Sessions

      On Wednesday 29th August, the parents of our secondary school students were invited to attend an information session regarding the curriculum at YCIS Chongqing. Our heads of each department area gave an insight into what students will learn at each key stage in their education pathway. They also shared information on how students will be assessed in each subject and how parents can best support their children with their learning. There was also a short presentation on our co-curricular programme and how it will help students actively prepare themselves for IBDP. Parents also had the opportunity to meet with staff and ask questions regarding elements of the curriculum.

      We invite our parents to take advantage of the myriad opportunities provided during each school year, including parent meetings, parent-teacher interviews, workshops, and information sessions. We would also like to encourage you to follow us on WeChat and access Class Dojo to stay up-to-date with your children's classes and other information. Additionally, we will periodically send school news and information updates via email. We always welcome your feedback to help us improve our programmes and become a better school, and we look forward to hearing back from you!