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    YCIS Chongqing Chinese Learning Celebrations


    05 May, 2023

    15 : 03

    • The YCIS Chinese Language and Culture Programme is globally recognized. With one Chinese language lesson each day, students deepen their connection with Chinese culture while participating in regular cultural activities and culture courses.


      Last month, YCIS Chongqing Primary and Lower Secondary hosted its Chinese Learning celebrations with a series of well-planned activities.


      Primary students presented unique Chinese story-sharing performances, story adaptations, story retellings, and story extensions.


      In Lower Secondary, the 2nd annual Chinese “Voice Me Out”- Chongqing Museum was held, which encouraged students to take Chongqing as a starting point, explore the characteristics of the city and its culture through teacher-led workshops and student-centered collaborative projects, presenting their research by building an urban cultural museum.


      Visitors enjoyed the five galleries of Chongqing culture were displayed by Years 8 and 9. "Appetizing Hotpot", “Wandering Walking Staircases", "City of Bridges", " Hustle-Bustle Teahouse”, “The Marvelous Chongqing Dialect", as well as cultural performances by Year 7 students.


      We look forward to more Chinese learning celebrations next year!