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    Staying Connected


    28 Apr, 2023

    16 : 36

    • Last week, our school held a fantastic event throughout the week that brought parents and the school leadership team together for a School Canteen Food Tasting Event and Stay Connected Session. It was an incredible opportunity for parents to taste-test some of the delicious and nutritious items offered in our school's canteen while engaging in meaningful dialogue with members of our leadership team.


      The event was a great success, with plenty of laughter, lively conversation, and positive feedback from attendees. Parents were thrilled to have the chance to sample some of the tasty and healthy food options available for their children during the school day, and they appreciated the opportunity to connect with our leadership team on a deeper level.


      We're grateful to all who attended and helped make this event such a wonderful experience. As we continue to strive towards creating a strong partnership between our school and our families, events like these are crucial for building bonds and fostering open communication. Keep an eye out for future events, and let's continue to work together to provide the best possible educational experience for our students!