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    School Buzz: Highlights of the Week


    29 Sep, 2023

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    • Uniform Exchange

      On Tuesday, September 19, the school uniform exchange event concluded with enthusiastic participation from parents. The donated school uniforms were quickly claimed, with the funds collected to be used to support student activities organized by the Parent Organization. We really appreciate the continuous support from our PO and look forward to more meaningful engagements!


      New Student Morning Tea 

      On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, all the new students in Primary and Secondary were treated to a special morning tea to celebrate and welcome them to YCIS Chongqing. The students had the opportunity to enjoy snacks and drinks with their class buddies and participated in a variety of engaging activities organized by a few Secondary students. It was wonderful to witness new students’ enjoyment and the connections they made with fellow students and teachers. For our new students, we know the importance of building quality relationships between them, their teachers and fellow students.


      A Friday Pizza Extravaganza 

      On Friday, September 22, the school's cafeteria delighted the entire school community by preparing over 1500 pizzas for an incredible pizza buffet. Students and staff enjoyed a diverse selection of pizza flavors, complemented by tasty chicken legs and nuggets, fresh fruits, and refreshing drinks. It was a rewarding and enjoyable Friday that was thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed by everyone!


      Year7 Math Class 

      This week Year 7 Math students explored the properties of regular polygons through an inquiry activity. Students were then given the task of using the Texas Instruments Rover to attempt to create their own picture using regular polygons. All students reveled in the opportunity of using this technology in making their thinking visible. It was exciting to see all students engaged over three lessons in producing their pictures. Final pictures consisted of: a tangram dog, houses, pixel art, and a spider, among others.


      Primary Assembly 

      To provide more understanding of our school’s principles, practices and values (the “WHY” of our school), we have been reinforcing the value that “children are capable and can be trusted” through stories, role plays and staff and student-made videos. The Primary assembly featured awards this week. Year 1 group A excelled in library behavior, earning scented bookmarks. Thunder Pass applicants received Level 1 passes for independent transitions. In so doing, our younger students are modelling appropriate, respectful and responsible behaviors for their peers. Congratulations, Primary!


      Secondary Assembly 

      We have kickstarted regular secondary assemblies this year, to further develop a sense of community, belonging, and celebrate students’ talents. The theme of our Secondary assembly last week was “Celebration”, and we were delighted to share the outstanding success of IGCSE results. Our IGCSE class of 2023 students were presented with their official Cambridge International Examinations certificates as proof of their dedication to their studies. The presentation of these certificates in the presence of all Secondary students enables our younger students to pause for thought and give consideration to their own time for such accolades in the not-too-distant future.


      ECE Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 

      Our ECE children had a wonderful time celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with their families. They enjoyed hands-on activities like DIY "mooncake" making and painting vibrant lanterns. These activities allowed them to experience the customs and traditions of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival firsthand, creating cherished memories with their loved ones.