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    Happy Chinese New Year


    20 Jan, 2023

    18 : 02

    • The annual YCIS Chinese New Year celebration kicked off today with a range of activities designed to promote Chinese culture and welcome the Year of the Rabbit!


      During today’s activity involving making dumplings, casting pot and handmade rabbits, the spirit of Chinese New Year was well embraced by all our students in ECE.


      The theme of the celebration was "Nice 'TU (兔🐰)' Meet You" in Primary. All activities were designed to link with different subjects, such as Mathematics, Science, Languages, Art, and Sports. Students made different patterns by using tangrams: “Tangram Rabbit”, “Tumbler Rabbit”, “Draw Lucky Rabbit”, “Rabbit Relay”, and more. The students were able to not only apply their knowledge of different subjects, but also experience the joy of the Chinese New Year.


      This festive atmosphere was enriched in each Secondary Form Room as they were decorated with students’ handmade paper cuttings and rabbit lanterns.


      Besides, students had the opportunities to participate in lots of fun-filled activities such as the hand & foot relay race, sandbag throwing, the chopstick dribble and many more during their Chinese Classes. All those artistic and cultural activities helped develop students’ interest in the Chinese Culture and enhanced their teamwork and collaboration skills.


      YCIS Chongqing wishes you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!