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    Feasting Around the World: Spectacular International Food Festival


    24 Nov, 2023

    09 : 27

    • YCIS Chongqing witnessed a remarkable International Food Fair on November 21, organised and brought to life by the dedicated Parent Organisation. Featuring an impressive selection of international cuisine, the event drew over 700 enthusiastic attendees, including students, teachers, parents, and friends.


      Parent Organization took the lead in orchestrating the festival, rallying the school community to participate and contribute their culinary expertise. With the collective efforts of the parent volunteers, the fair boasted nearly 70 booths representing over 15 countries, offering a tantalizing tapestry of flavours and cultural delights.


      Laughter, conversations, and exclamations of delight reverberated throughout the venue in a symphony of languages, as everyone relished the culinary treasures on display.


      The International Food Festival served as a testament to the school's vibrant and diverse community, fostering cultural exchange and appreciation. Through the power of food, the event brought people together, uniting home and school.


      A huge thanks to Parent Organisation and everyone involved in making the International Food Festival a resounding triumph – a true celebration of world culture. Let’s carry the spirit of cultural diversity and unity forward as we eagerly anticipate the exciting events that lie ahead.