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    Embarking on a Journey of Excellence


    01 Sep, 2023

    18 : 00

    • Get ready for an incredible adventure as we kick off the 2023-2024 school year. 


      New Student Orientation

      We are thrilled to welcome our new students from all over the world to the vibrant and diverse community at YCIS Chongqing on August 31 – an excellent opportunity for new students to feel supported and start their journey at YCIS Chongqing with confidence.


      First School Day

      Today marks the first day of school, filled with excitement and anticipation. It is a time to reconnect with old friends, forge new connections, and embark on a thrilling learning journey. We are eager to witness your growth, the friendships you will make, and the unforgettable memories you will create.


      Welcome to a new school year filled with endless possibilities, growth, and fun. Let's make this year the best one yet at YCIS Chongqing!