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    Children’s Day Celebration


    02 Jun, 2023

    14 : 29

    • June is always a month of anticipation for the young ones as International Children’s Day is celebrated on 1st June every year. At YCIS Chongqing, our parent organisation planned a day of fun-filled games and goodies for the students.


      Students wore house T-shirts to school and were led in groups by parent ushers to the basketball court, where several game stations had been set up. They perfected their aim in the “Toss the Ball” station by shooting balls at the giant bull’s eye and navigated the “Dynamite Zone” by skilfully avoiding the (not!) dangerous landmines.


      Teamwork was put to test at the “Pass the Ping Pong” station as many children helped to transport ping pong balls to the finishing line. A much-loved childhood game of “Toss the Ring” added to the carnival vibe.


      The highlight of the day was the “Dunk Tank” where children happily launched their teachers into water tanks by hitting the contraption’s release button. Our teachers enjoyed the cool dip in the hot June weather. Their efforts were rewarded by excited cheers and laughter from the students.


      Rounding off the festivities, the students were treated to a drone show by a professional operator. In addition to executing flips and dips in the air, the drone carried and dropped candy to the audience. A day where candy falls from the sky should count as one of the most memorable for students!


      A day of celebration is not complete without yummy snacks and drinks. After all the fun and excitement, students indulged (a little) in potato crisps, popcorn, ice popsicles and lemon-infused water before returning to their classrooms.


      We would like to thank our parent organisation leaders and parent volunteers who helped to make this Children’s Day celebration a success. Also, we very much appreciate the courage displayed by our teachers who participated in the Dunk Tank.