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    Another Milestone in Life


    12 Jun, 2022

    10 : 00

    • On Thursday the 2nd June, members of the YCIS Chongqing school community were delighted to celebrate the graduation of the class of 2022.

      Although the ceremony was quite small, the grand accomplishments of the 9 graduates were reflected upon and school leaders, teachers, students, friends, parents and of course the graduates themselves focused forward to the next steps of their academic journey.

      The class of 2022 move from Yew Chung to their next academic institutions; these gentlemen have been offered and have accepted tertiary positions at a wide range of top class university’s in locations ranging from the UK to the USA, Singapore, Korea, the Netherlands, Canada and right here in China and China Hong Kong. We wish them well as they make this transition.

      Speaking to the graduates before the ceremony, when asked many said, ‘I don’t feel ready’. The follow up to this statement was always, ‘but I know I can’.

      In many ways, this resilience and confidence in the face of challenge, adversity and uncertainty is what defines the class of 2022 and what –even as unique individuals –they all share.

      This group has overcome the struggle of eLearning, the continual restrictions of the COVID era, the extreme challenge of managing IB deadlines, the disappointment of IGCSE exams being cancelled, the possibility if IBDP exams being cancelled, and right up until their last days on campus the reality that they wouldn’t be able to share the graduation milestone with all of our community all together.

      Having done all of this, the class of 2022 are right to say they don’t know what is coming next, but they can be proud to say that whatever it is, they will face it and overcome it and achieve greatness because of it.

      We wish all of our graduates the very best of success and we welcome them back to YCIS Chongqing, whether in person or by communication, whenever they are able so we can continue to celebrate their accomplishments.