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    Making Dynamic Websites with Year 8


    24 May, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Here at YCIS Chongqing, our Year 7-9 students have been participating in the first year of our new lower school Computing course. Programming and Web Design are valuable skills in the modern world and students are now developing these skills at younger and younger ages. These abilities equip the students with tools to explore the hi-tech world and add fun to their lives.

      Recently, Year 8 students have been working on developing their own websites and have already acquired a remarkable level of skill. With the support and guidance of Computing teacher, Mr. Kemp, students selected different framework and template for the own web pages, started to write their first line of code, and tried best to make their website attractive and informative. In the Computing classes, instead of working on their own, students enjoyed sharing ideas with peers and discussing their designs with the teacher.

      Please follow us in the future post, where we will showcase the finished websites done by our amazing Year 8 team!