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    Ocean Narratives


    08 May, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Over the past 5 weeks the Year 2’s have been working on different projects around the theme of ‘Ocean Narratives’. This fit into our bigger class topic of ‘Oceans and Seas’.

      With the EAL team, we planned different outcomes that would support children in their spoken and written English, their spelling, punctuation and grammar and of course the features and aspects of an ‘Ocean Narrative’.

      The children found different ways to explore this theme including writing stories, writing scripts and performing plays. The children worked on character, setting and important plot points such as problem and solution.

      On Friday, May 4, 2018, Year 2 parents and school leaders are invited to join our Year 2 students in the classroom to witness the progress that Year 2s had achieved in the last few weeks. The children have all produced amazing ‘Ocean Narratives’ and it was fantastic to celebrate this learning with the parents and other staff in school.

      We are so proud of what the Year 2 children have achieved over this unit and throughout the year and we look forward to sharing more exciting learning experience with you!