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    A Bazaar-ly Good Day For The Earth


    01 May, 2018

    10 : 00

    • To complete the Earth Day Celebrations, the Sustainability Committee of YCIS Chongqing organized an Earth Day Bazaar.

      The event was designed to demonstrate fun ways of reusing commonly thrown away items to create useful items and to have fun. Combined with the energy-saving techniques learnt during ‘No Lights Day’, the Earth Day Bazaar sought to help us make use of our items more sustainably.

      Activities included a wonderful pollution fishing game, making beautiful necklaces and bracelets from waste paper, a sustainability-themed crossword puzzle, a waste-sorting race, a series of beautiful displays from the Primary and ECE departments and many more.

      Primary had a lot of fun at the event and really threw themselves into the activities, whilst Secondary took time to get to grips with the reading and learning. The day was followed up with students and staff considering;

      • What can I Reduce? (Thinking about our consumption of items and energy)
      • What can I Reuse? (Using some of the activities from the bazaar to think about how we can reuse and repurpose things)
      • What can I Recycle? (What can we take more care to ensure we recycle, i.e. taking our paper to the recycle bins rather than throwing in the small bins next to our desks).

      This event is not doubt a great learning opportunity to help YCIS Chongqing create ‘Principled and Responsible’ learners.