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    Fantastic Fractions


    18 Apr, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Year 4 have been deepening and consolidating their understanding of fractions over the last few weeks. In particular, they have focused on equivalent fractions, decimal equivalents for tenths and hundredths, and different representations of fractions. From here the children will be moving on to finding non-fractions of amounts and applying their learning by solving problems.

      The children have enjoyed using fraction walls, fraction bars and their own diagrams for representations. They have used these to find and prove why sets of fractions are equivalent to each other or not. As well as this they have been identifying patterns in equivalent fractions and developing rules to find further fractions that go beyond our fraction wall or diagrams.

      Using these kinds of visual representations, as well as creating their own number lines to order sets of equivalent fractions and decimals gives the children a greater sense of what these amounts are actually worth. This enables them to use this knowledge successfully when applying it to problem solving and real-life contexts.

      The children have enjoyed playing a variety of games and taken part in many different activities to make their fractions learning exciting and engaging.