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    Implementing Structured Play Initiative in Year 1


    21 Mar, 2018

    10 : 00

    • As part of our continued effort to provide a safe, happy learning and play environment, YCIS Chongqing recently launched a new Structured Play Initiative with our Year 1 students.

      This initiative is being led by Ms. Yoyo You, Year 1+2 Chinese Teacher and a member of our Student Support Department. Ms. You designed, scheduled and supervised a series of activities and follow-up reflections that were designed to:

      • Establish a safe-play culture
      • Model safe, but fun games and activities for recess and lunch periods
      • Help students identify when they are being too rough
      • Help staff have a consensus approach to ‘what is too rough’
      • Empower students with awareness and strategies to remove themselves from situations
      • Instill and practice non-violent means of conflict resolution

      Students and staff have reacted positively to this initiative, and we will look to build on the learning and discoveries from this structured play activity to inform practices and play across the school. We look forward to further work with our Primary Play Leaders and students across the school, continuing to foster our safe play culture.