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    Congratulations to Our Primary Student Leaders!


    26 Jan, 2018

    10 : 00

    • The role of Primary Student Leader is a new opportunity for Year 6 students in YCIS Chongqing. This role has empowered our young leaders to represent the voice of their Primary peers and work closely with the school Leadership Team to communicate new ideas and initiatives, taking action in their community.

      Following an election campaign, 8 new Student Leaders have been appointed. Let’s take a moment to be introduced to our Primary Student Leadership Team, Semester 2. They are:

      Claire Woytowich, Elias Qwek, Elizabeth Shin, Jake Cherian, Joseph Zou, Kelly Kim, Maya Kaur, Orick Zheng

      ” I feel responsible, courageous and proud! As a primary student leader, my goal is to speak confidently in front of people and to not be shy” --Jake

      “It was great when I know I was selected,” ”there are 8 members in my team, I think team work is important. The team needs to discuss and also share ideas, if only one person is talking, we will have no improvements.” -- Joseph

      “I am very happy to be part of PSLT! It will be cool when our PSLT lead school assembly! As a primary student leader, my goal is to be more responsible, because I think being responsible is very important for success!” -- Kelly.

      “I want to lead the assemblies better and make school a better place for learning! ” -- Orick

      “As a primary student leader, I want to throw away my shyness. In order to reach the goal, I have to speak louder and clearer in front of the school. ” – Elizabeth

      Our Primary Student Leaders play an active role in the planning and facilitation of our regular Primary school Assemblies, they also represent the Primary and ECE students of YCIS Chongqing and lead the celebration of our achievement through Primary School assemblies.

      At YCIS Chongqing we are committed to the holistic and character development of our students. We look forward to watching and celebrating the growth of our young leaders over the course of this semester.