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    Alumni walked down the memory lane!


    11 Jan, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Being an international student in the United States, I am often asked about the places I call home. Although I am a Hong Konger at heart, I am always eager to tell my peers about YCIS. Thirteen years of an international education has made Yew Chung my second home. This is why I was incredibly excited to visit this winter and come back to old faces – from the faces of the friends I’ve missed, to the faces of the teachers that have and continue to support my academic career.

      Applying to schools and moving abroad for a college education can be an overwhelming experience. Thankfully, my time at YCIS has helped make the transition enjoyable. With guidance from my parents, teachers and counselors, I entered the spring of 2017 with a collection of universities that really resonated with what I wanted out of college to choose from. Lehigh University is where I ultimately decided to enroll, and I have fallen for the school since. The university strongly promotes cross curriculum exploration, which makes my ambitions of studying both music business and sociology possible.

      Apart from swapping stories with current YCIS students about our respective fall semesters, it was exciting to see all the changes that the campus has undergone since summer. I look forward to visiting again soon and am keen to witness what’s next to come for YCIS CQ.