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    "We're Sending a Letter to Santa Claus!"


    21 Dec, 2017

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    • On Wednesday December 20, YCIS Chongqing brought an end to the 1st Semester and calendar year with an annual Winter Christmas Concert called “Dear Santa”. The concert was an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful array of musical and public speaking talent the school’s Primary students have to offer.

      All our Year 4-6 students participated and rehearsed during our Music, Dance and Drama classes. The children were introduced to various songs and poems which they memorized and practiced to perform either in unison or as solos, duets, trios and quartets. The production created a musical theatrical storyline of children sending their letters to Santa Claus with a dream-like quality.

      The performance was held on campus in the Great Hall and had an authentic and sincere ambience. Parents and guests enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies prior to the performance and then proudly watched as their children shined on stage amongst the twinkling lights.

      The children looked fabulous in their Santa hats and costumes which created a real sense of teamwork and unity. It was clear to see that the self-confidence of our students is emerging and starting to blossom and evolve.

      This year’s concert once again set a high standard of performance, which is becoming a tradition at YCIS Chongqing!