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    The Sounds of Learning - A Glance at YCIS Music Programme


    08 Dec, 2017

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    • The YCIS music programme is comprehensive and diverse. It provides students the opportunity to build social skills, self-discipline, critical thinking skills and confidence in singing, listening, moving, and performing instrumentally. Through the study of Music, students learn to communicate effectively, as well as to interact with people and ideas in a dynamic global society.

      By becoming active participants in Music, YCIS students develop an appreciation and enjoyment of music from around the world that strengthens their understandings between peoples and cultures, thus nurturing their global awareness. The music programme aims to open the ears of children to a range of musical genres and cultures around the world. Whilst also providing the firm technical foundation for academic pursuit of the subject to IGCSE and IB level.


      The Yew Chung music curriculum is based upon the three core elements of Listening, Performing and Composing. Students sing songs and play instruments with increasing confidence, skill, expression and awareness of their own contribution to a group or class performance. They improvise, and develop their own musical compositions, in response to a variety of different stimuli with increasing personal involvement, independence and creativity. They explore their thoughts and feelings through responding physically, intellectually and emotionally to a variety of music from different times and cultures.


      The lower secondary music program also focuses on Listening, Performing and Composing. Multiple concerts throughout the year give performance opportunities of all kinds. In class, students learn how to recognize the different elements that music is made of. They gain a broad understanding of the music found in our world, including the how, why, where, and who. Students learn the history of western music, from opera to rock; and are exposed to music from around the world, from Nashville to Nairobi.

      Students in upper secondary may elect to take IGCSE Music through Years 10-11, and IB Music through Years 12-13. These rigorous programs provide students with a deep knowledge of music theory, history, compositional skills, and performance techniques.

      Extra-Curricular Programme

      YCIS Chongqing offers a comprehensive range of musical after school activities which are opened to students who wish to participate in a variety of practical of musical groups on a regular weekly basis. Our schools will typically offer:

      • Combined Primary/Secondary Orchestra. The orchestra participates in school concerts, and selected students are occasionally asked to perform for events
      • The Noteworthy Singers Choir is available to students from years 4-7. Along with singing at school concerts, the choir also performs at venues all over Chongqing.
      • Violin extra training for Years 4-6.
      • Rock Band is a student led activity offered to upper Secondary students. There is some teacher guidance, but much of the musical decision making and practice times are student led.


      YCIS Chongqing has an extensive programme of concerts and events which provide an opportunity for regularly rehearsing musical groups to display the product of their works throughout the year. Typically, our school stages concerts in December and May. Our school events include Violin Concert, Winter Concert, and Summer Concert.

      All in all, Music plays an important role in school life at YCIS. It helps develop students’ confidence and presentation skills. Together with other quality school programmes, we strive to provide students with a well-rounded and balanced education.