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    Communication is a Bridge to Connect People


    07 Dec, 2017

    10 : 00

    • Communication is the root of all events, daily interaction, social affairs and anything that requires the purpose of human dealings. How we communicate what we try to convey, is critical in having the message understood by the receiving party.

      During November, Year 3 students have been looking at the Global Citizen Learner Profile (GCLP) trait of communication in class. This culminated in their assembly on the afternoon of Monday December 4. Students communicated in six different languages, as well as communicating through hand signals, song and dance. We learnt that an important part of communication is listening to each other’s ideas, respecting different thoughts, and delivering a clear message.

      In the classrooms, Year 3 students have been practicing communication by verbally sharing ideas with each other during class lessons. While students talk to one another, they also listen with open ears and open minds so that all ideas and questions are heard.

      Mastering your communication skills will be a 360 degree turnaround when it comes to your personal relationships, your work, and life. We are proud communicators in Year 3!