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    Investigating the Golden Knife Gorge


    16 Nov, 2017

    10 : 00

    • On Saturday morning the YCIS Upper Secondary students were geared up for another field trip to Jindaoxia, aka Golden Knife Gorge to complete a river investigation, this time joined by the eager yr10’s.

      The students were an amazing credit to themselves throughout the trip, getting stuck in with the learning far beyond what was required of them. They excitedly collected their readings and learnt first-hand about the realities of waters movement through the geology of an area, as well as experienced caves, groundwater flow, vertical erosion and of course the gorge itself. They also learned the skills required for their IGCSE, IB and A-Level investigations. Their eagerness to learn got many of them physically into the river with one student taking an unfortunate swim…

      While viewing and experiencing these landforms, the students began to collect quantitative data about them. This included river channel measurements, collecting water samples and completing field sketches of their surrounds for annotation.

      Constantly attentive and engaged, the students made the most of the experience and will now begin their coursework based on the great research and data collection they completed. By the end of next week they will complete their investigations in the form of a documentary video and will share with our school community!

      A big thank you to the yr13’s, especially Kate and Soyi, for being the first students with shoes and socks off and into the river. They lead many activities including being the first ones brave enough to enter the boats, inspiring the younger students to get stuck in. We are proud of the great leadership from the yr13’s and many skills developed by all students.