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    Y1-2 students: Eating together as a community


    09 Nov, 2017

    10 : 00

    • Starting from last week, we have been implementing the Y1-Y2 Community Lunch trial process. Rather than sitting in long tables and being served by our canteen staff, our young students gather in smaller, mixed-age social groups. Teachers are powerful role-models to our students. One Primary Teacher joins each community group and eats with the children. We are embracing a new ‘communal eating’ environment! We are aiming for:

      • ▪ Provide an opportunity for food education, helping children make informed, balanced choices in terms of what they eat
      • ▪ Be an opportunity for conversation and communication
      • ▪ Model table manners and social skills
      • ▪ Promote open-mindedness towards new foods and flavours
      • ▪ Encourage independence and responsibility
      • ▪ Reduce food waste
      • ▪ Foster a sense of community belonging and well-being
      • ▪ Allow effective monitoring of the eating habits of our youngest students

      We hope this new approach to eating will empower our children to develop life-long healthy eating habits and return to class well-nourished and ready to reach their full educational potential.