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    Message from YCIS Primary Leadership Team


    25 Aug, 2017

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    • The new academic year brings new opportunities for growth and reflection. We will continue to focus on areas this year that provide a school climate that recognizes students’ social and emotional needs along with their academic needs.

      Student-Centered Learning

      Seamless transition from Kindergarten to Primary
      Centered on a ‘learning through play’ approach, our personalized, inquiry-driven programme in our Kindergarten has been tailored to meet the individual needs and interests of our youngest learners. Carefully structured learning engagements ensure our young students gain the independence, confidence, social ability and academic levels essential for a smooth journey to Year 1.

      Learning Community approach
      The ‘Learning Community’ model adopted in Year 2 and Year 5 is an exciting concept and we look forward to sharing regular highlights of this new approach to the teaching and learning programme.

      On-going cycle of curriculum development and review
      Our current academic programme is under review as we explore and assess best practices from around the world. Vertical and horizontal curriculum alignment are a top priority as we ensure a rigorous, developmental academic programme.

      Holistic education
      Our students are given regular opportunities to work collaboratively with their internationally-minded peers. Learning engagements empower our students to develop their ability to ask questions, think creatively, design and apply a range of strategies, and find solutions to real-life issues.

      Positive Discipline
      We implement a ‘Positive Discipline’ approach in order to encourage our children to reflect on their behavior in order to understand the motivation behind unexpected and inappropriate behaviors.

      Parental Involvement

      Successful learning relies on a partnership between school and home. Effective, ongoing communication between teachers and parents is vital.

      School-Home communication channels
      We encourage you to take advantage of the many and varied opportunities provided during the year such as parent meetings, parent-teacher interviews, workshops and information sessions that help you to understand the educational philosophy and approaches to teaching and learning here at YCIS Chongqing.

      Nurture independent and confident individuals
      Confidence is not born of wealth and privilege. It is something earned and something learnt. It opens doors and opportunity way beyond that of exams and degrees. We would like to thank you for your cooperation in not accompanying your child/ren to their classroom/s, which foster independence in them.

      Doctor’s suggestion
      Our 8:10am start is a hard adjustment for most of the children at the beginning of a new school year. Most pediatricians recommend at least 10 hours of sleep for elementary students, and we would like you to consider reviewing your child’s bedtime to be sooner rather than later
      At YCIS Chongqing, we encourage our students to consider their role and contribution as responsible and engaged members of the school community, as well as citizens of the world. Through their educational journey, our aim is to empower each individual child to become happy, life-long learners, who are mindful, knowledgeable, self-aware and resilient to face the ever-changing world that awaits them.

      We strive to provide a positive environment in which everyone feels valued, respected, safe and successful. Our staff will continually evaluate and adjust interventions for students needing extra help and offer appropriate acceleration and extensions when required. We can say without any reservation that your children will be in good hands this year at YCIS Chongqing!