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    YCIS Chongqing 2016 Graduation Ceremony


    07 Jun, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Graduation is the culmination of students’ time, effort, and achievements in their education, and marks a monumental point in an individual’s life. This year, YCIS Chongqing has been fortunate to produce 11 graduating seniors, who have all in their unique ways developed as people ready for the challenge of the world awaiting them.

      On June 3, we welcomed our Year 13 students and their family and friends to our Great Hall for a special commencement ceremony held to honor their achievements during their time at YCIS Chongqing. The students were joined by staff, other secondary students, and YCIS parents, who attended the event to witness this grand moment. Several heartfelt speeches were delivered by our University Guidance Officer, Ms. Ku-Ku Cheung; the Co-Principals, Ms. Paula Cross and Ms. Sophie Che; and YCIS Superintendent Dr. Nanci Shaw, in which students were encouraged to daringly face the future challenges they might encounter.

      This year, Jacquelyn Ly and William Ouyang were selected to give commencement addresses, which focused on reflecting on past experiences at YCIS and anticipating the future at not only their chosen universities and colleges, but in their further endeavors as well. Their stories recalled times when the graduates were new students, as well as the times they faced obstacles and received support from teachers and peers. Four years of high school life gave our graduate speakers the opportunity to understand themselves, study and practise skills in different fields, and gave their parents insight into how their children actually developed as young scholars in an international school.

      The big moment in the ceremony followed the valedictory addresses: our students received their diplomas from Dr. Shaw and ceremoniously moved the tassels on their graduation caps from the left side to the right, marking their transition from YCIS students to YCIS graduates. After the ceremony, our graduating seniors, parents, and school faculty gathered in the cafeteria to take photos, enjoy cake, and celebrate with some much-deserved sparkling apple cider!