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    2016 Ocean World Summer Concert


    24 May, 2016

    10 : 00

    • With another academic year winding to an end, YCIS Chongqing invited all parents, students, and friends in the community to the Shiguangnan Theater in Nan’an District to attend this year’s Ocean World Summer Concert on May 21. Spearheaded by our very own Amar Sharma, this year’s event was created with a focus on the environment, particularly our planet’s seas.

      This is the first time YCIS Chongqing has independently hosted an event at an outside venue; parents, teachers, and students all contributed to the performance which ranged from canorous choir songs and tranquil violin pieces, to up-tempo parkour and resonant rock music. Coupled together with excellent narration from our student orators, this year’s production was a truly integrative piece that brought attention to some of the issues our Earth faces.

      In addition to the spectacular show our faculty and students put on, we also held an art auction, presenting our various students’ paintings in an exhibition for all of our attendees to see. While our bidders made great purchases with pride and appreciation, many other guests were attracted by the YCIS Souvenir booth where a few precious YCIS gift items were displayed for sale. By the evening’s end, we collected 11,258.00 RMB from the art auction and souvenir sales from our generous guests’ heartfelt donations. All proceeds will go to the YCIS Seeds of Hope charity geared towards improving the lives of hundreds of underprivileged students.

      As our school constantly strives to improve the learning experience of our students, we close the final curtain of the Ocean World Summer Concert and look towards goals for the future. With Accreditation, IB certification, and new facilities on the way, YCIS Chongqing will be heading towards new heights and we look forward to all members of the community on the adventure!