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    Into the Forest


    12 Jan, 2017

    10 : 00

    • Welcome back of Year 3ST students, we are excited to start a new semester!

      One of the new topics for this semester is entitled, 'Into the Forest.' We started by looking at why forests are so important. They remove harmful gases and provide us with oxygen. They provide a habitat for animals. They provide food for us and wood for manufacture as well as many other positive impacts.

      Students learned where major forested areas of the world are located and the 3 main different types of forest: Rainforest, Deciduous, and Coniferous (Evergreen). While drawing a chart to show the difference of the three types of forest, students were encouraged to describe the distinguishing features of the three forests. When you enter the Year 3ST classroom, you will be amazed by how creative our students are, as they are turning the classroom into a forest!

      It is no doubt that the hands-on approach in teaching and learning has been well implemented at YCIS and we are often proud of our students’ creativity and eager learning attitude!