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    Secondary Debate Competition


    01 Dec, 2016

    10 : 00

    • YCIS Chongqing Secondary students have recently completed their debate unit and class representatives from each year level competed in a final debate competition. Focusing on our environmental theme, students used their research, writing, speaking and responding skills to participate in a thrilling debate competition over two days. This was the first time our school has hosted a debate competition and all staff are proud to see the display of talent and teamwork from our students.

      We hope to provide more events like this one next year that encourage more participation, engagement and competition in English. Well done to all students for their great effort in our unit and congratulations to all of our winners!


      Year 7: Ruo Ning JI (Judy), Ryuta INOUE, Sana NAKANO

      Year 8: Alexander LI, Keertana SRINIVASAN, Seungyeop SHIN (Ryan),

      Sheila YU

      Year 10: Srividhya SRINIVASAN, Soyoon BAE, Woo Young SUNG (Albert),

      Wanseok CHOI (Andy)

      Year 12: Eduardo Ladeira DURO, Soyi YOON (Sophia), Yang LEI

      Runner-up Teams

      Year 7: Yucheng MING (Jamie), Wenxuan LI (Sylvia), Luke CHERIAN

      Year 9: Dong Hyun KIM (Tony), Jennifer Paola SCHMITZ, Laura Ladeira DURO,

      Cyrus Zin-heng OR

      Year 11: Jonguk CHEON, Jinnyung KANG, Jeongyeon KIM, Seo Hyun KIM

      Year 13: Manwai NG, Ayana , HOSHIYAMA, Sik Yiu Cadence TAM