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    Showcasing Kung-fu at YCIS


    14 Oct, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Chinese Culture plays essential and dispensable roles of the YCIS curriculums, it is guided by school’s mission of helping to open doors for our students to learn about the Eastern world, fusing cross-culture thinking and open-mindedness.

      The annual YCIS Chongqing Chinese Culture Week has been held in primary from Monday, September 26 to Friday, September 30 2016.

      The theme for this year was ‘Chinese Kung-fu’. Year 1 to Year 6 students has experienced the most mysterious classic Kung-fu with their Chinese teachers, such as Tai Chi, Five Animals mimicry and so on. Those typical Chinese culture activities have aroused our students’ deep interests and curiosities. No wonder the final performance had kicked off on Friday only after one week rehearsal! The show was extremely exciting and had most of the crowed on the edge of their seats, both parents and students had a lot of fun during the Chinese Culture Show.

      We have invited professional Kung-fu Masters came from Tai Ji Dao Yuan in Chongqing. They provided an authentic and marvelous Tai Ji show in the great hall and acquired big applause among audience without doubt. Moreover, they explained the core values of leaning Chinese Kong-Fu and also taught us some basic skills through interesting games by interacting with our students and teachers.

      Without question, this year’s Chinese Culture Week was a huge success. It not only helped students to foster comprehensive understanding of this unique Chinese culture heritage, but also enhanced their hand-on abilities and participations. We look forward to our next year’s Chinese Culture Week and share more valuable information and knowledge about our Chinese Culture!