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    2017 Yanomamo Production Springs to Life


    23 Mar, 2017

    10 : 00

    After the success of the 2016 Ocean World concert, the staff and students of YCIS Chongqingtook on the challenge of preparing for their second production, Yanomamo: The Strife of the Amazon.

    Undoubtedly, the bar was raised this year with the intention to involve as many students as possible while creating more cross-curricular academic opportunities related to the theme of the concert. As the vision grew, the Yanomamo Director, Andrea Miller, began to support classes, teachers and parents with the creation of costumes and set designs. Mrs.Miller also aimed to improve the narrations during the show to include videos, speeches and acting by students. This ensured the best experience for our audience while doing justice to the story of the Yanomamo people. By February, the Great Hall on campus was bursting with props and costumes that reflected the lifestyle of this unique Amazonian tribe.

    The musical side of the show was no doubt a success due to the contributions of our students, staff, parents and the wider school community. The orchestra, conducted by Jeffrey Vukovich and Cholpon Nazaralieva, worked hard all school year preparing songs for the show. All students in Years 5-9 were part of the larger school choir. This years' show featured an Adult Choir, a Children's Choir for students in Years 3-7 along with an array of other performance groups including Parkour, Chinese dance, Latin dance and Hip-Hop dancing. Countless practices helped YCIS Chongqing prepare for the concert as every detail was reviewed.

    For our lobby display at the Shiguangnan Theatre in Nan'an District, Year 3 class teacher Pattijoy Naggy worked hard painting life-size portraits of Yanomamo tribes people to set the scene when entering the theatre. Students in Secondary also worked tirelessly with the art teacher, Aliya Saltanatova, to create pillow cases featuring animals and plants from the Amazon that went on sale to raise money for our Seeds of Hope Charity.

    Although the goal of the show was to have a successful performance and a rewarding experience for our students, the overall message of the show allowed for countless education opportunities that teachers and students explored in classes during the academic year. Our students put on debates regarding deforestation, Yanomamo land claims and environmental issues facing our world today. Students also had the experience of clearing school space to create a garden on campus. With more initiatives towards diminishing our campus food waste and eco-monitoring around the school, teachers are taking this opportunity to educate students on the importance of our choices and how these impact our environment. Through related class activities, singing and studying their roles, students are now more globally aware and understand the crucial role the Amazon rain forest plays in our lives and the existence of our planet.

    The show on March 17th was a showcase of these efforts and demonstrated the power of a community coming together. The students put on a spectacular show that has made the entire YCIS Chongqing community proud. We look forward to exploring new musical, theatrical and dance opportunities as the school continues to grow.