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    Master Tynkers


    10 Dec, 2021

    10 : 00

    • In a world where technology never stands still, it is imperative that our students are 21st century ready. To support with this, our Primary students have been working on Tynker. This is an online platform that students have been using to learn coding by completing fun and engaging activities to support their understanding of coding. Students have been introduced to programming concepts such as selection, sequence and iteration.

      Learning the fundamentals of coding encourages children to learn skills that will allow them to excel in other subject areas:

      Problem solving skills

      Computational thinking

      Critical thinking

      Art and Design


      Year 5 and 6 students that have exceled with coding on Tynker have been entered in the first international coding competition run by the Codementum. Students were tasked to use their programming knowledge to solve a range of complex problems. Points were awarded for speed and accuracy of code. We would like to congratulate all our participants!

      Mr. Hassan, Head of IT, said ‘I’m very proud of the students that are demonstrating excellent coding skills and recognise their success with the progress that they have made.”