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    Simply Outstanding


    12 Nov, 2021

    10 : 00

    • We were absolutely delighted to receive official notification from Cambridge International Education (CIE) that one of our students has receive the very prestigious Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award. Now in Year 12, Jeongmin (Julie) Son, was characterised by CIE as being Top in the World for her result in IGCSE First Language Korean, a truly remarkable feat. Jeongmin and her family have been invited to attend the ‘Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award’ at a ceremony in Shenzhen on Tuesday 30th November.

      What Does ‘Top in the World’ Mean?

      ‘Top in the World’ refers to the student who has gained the highest standard mark in the world for a single subject.

      How Are Outstanding Cambridge LearnerAwards Calculated?

      Cambridge awards are based on the overall standard marks rather than percentage marks or grades. The learner with the highest overall standard mark in the world receives the award for that particular subject.

      Julie demonstrated tremendous drive, persistence, and concentration in order to support her in achieving this award. She always thinks about her goals and tries her best to achieve them. says Ms. Kyeungwon Lee, Julie’s Korean teacher. She highly endorses Julie’s achievement in this IGCSE exam and wishes her all the best in her ongoing IBDP studies.

      "It was a big surprise for me to hear I won the ‘top in the world’ award in my IGCSE exam! I am really happy and proud that this award proved my efforts. It was a very challenging and hard time, but I think it was a really good experience because of the valuable result. I would like to say thank you to my parents who always believe me and support me. Also, thanks to my Korean teacher Ms. Lee, she was a guide for me to walk on the right path, and her support in my IGCSE study and exam preparation helped me a lot to overcome my limitations. This year, I started my first year of IBDP study here at YCIS and it would be a harder time than IGCSE, but I believe I could make even greater achievement in my IBDP exam in the year to come, and of course, I will do my best." says Julie.

      As a school, we are incredibly proud of Julie and her achievement, we hope she will continue on her path to success. We are sure that this will inspire our other students to demonstrate a similar approach to learning that Julie has demonstrated. Not everyone can be ‘Top of the World’ our aim is to support and guide all of our students to achieve the best possible result they are capable of and aspire to achieve their potential.