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    Sensational Student Success


    07 Jul, 2021

    10 : 00

    • The moment your final IB exam finishes can be quite euphoric, it’s over, I’m finished, but then the waiting begins and as 6th July approaches, students who were confident and relaxed when exams were over, start to wonder. Did I really answer that question well? Did I get the points I need to get into the university I want to attend, the mind can play tricks on you prior to results day.

      It’s not just the students and their families that are anxious prior to results day, it’s the teachers as well, but once we saw the results from our Year 13 students, it was truly overwhelming. After all the students had gone through, the hard work, late nights and deadlines, it had all paid off with a set of results that are simply ‘world class’.

      For the third year running, all of our students passed the diploma programme, we also had ten students who took subjects that would allow them to achieve a bilingual diploma. What is even more remarkable is that two of our students scored 44 points, last sat, only 0.62% of all candidates achieved this score. We would like to pass on our congratulations to Minseo (Esther) Park and Sunwoo Lee for this magnificent achievement.

      It doesn’t stop their either as all of our students scored more than 30 points. For some of our students, it wasn’t about getting the highest score, it was about achieving to their fullest potential and all of our students outperformed their predicted scores, a truly amazing feat. As a cohort of students, they didn’t just beat the world average of 33.02 points, they eclipsed it, achieving an average point score of 39.0. Our students also achieved an average diploma grade of 6.18, compared to the world average of 5.19. Considering the highest score is 7, achieving over 6 is truly fantastic.

      YCIS Chongqing IB results in numbers:

      100% pass rate

      10 students achieved the bilingual diploma

      Highest score of 44 points

      Average points score of 39.0 points

      Mean grade per subject of 6.18

      Esther Chan, Deputy CEO and Dr. Betty Chan, CEO and School Supervisor also shared their delight regards the results of our students, they offered their congratulations and wished them well for the future.

      As a school, we couldn’t be prouder of our students, we would like to thank the families for their support in at times what was trying circumstances and to our school staff for the quality of teaching and guidance throughout their time at YCIS Chongqing

      Congratulations Year 13, you deserve it, go out there and make a difference!