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    Awards, awards, awards


    25 Jun, 2021

    10 : 00

    • After the virtual awards of last year, we were able to take one more step back to normality this year by hosting our Primary & Secondary awards in front of an actual audience. The children themselves were the audience and they had the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the successes of themselves and their peers.

      On Wednesday, separate Primary and Secondary award ceremonies were held in the Great Hall. Students were recognised for their achievements in external competitions such as the UK Maths Challenge and the Foundation Creative Writing Competition, but it was our internal awards that sent a buzz of excitement through our audience.

      Our students were rewarded for their achievements in subjects such as English and Maths, along with Sports and the Creative Arts, we also recognised those who have developed as a ‘whole student’.

      The final set of awards are ones that recognise achievement across a whole section of the school, showcasing students that have gone above and beyond in these areas and as such, they deserve a specific mention.


      Alex Park, Year 6, has demonstrated his skills as a leader and collaborator within the Primary School and because of this he was awarded the Student Leadership Award.

      Ryan Chen, Y6, has been a role model to all of our students in both Primary and Secondary, his maturity and confidence had him host events and his academic knowledge has seen him succeed in multiple subjects, this was recognised by awarding him the Principals Award.


      Hyein Kim, Y12, has demonstrated how important service learning is to the community with her work collaborating with the International Women Group (IWG) and other projects and she has been awarded the Service Award.

      Olivia Choi, Y11, has taken on and been successful in a number of leadership roles during her time at YCIS Chongqing, and this year she has been nominated secretary of our Student Council, all of this has been recognized by being awarded the Leadership Award.

      Matthew Leano, Y12, epitomizes what a YCIS Chongqing student should be, going above and beyond to support the school while also working hard academically. Matthew has recently been nominated president of the Student Council, for all of this work and more, he has been awarded the Principals Award.

      Whether our students won an award of not, the important thing is that they were able to improve themselves in one of multiple areas of learning. We would like to congratulate all of our students for playing their part in ensuring a successful academic year, well done!