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    For a Better Planet


    10 Jun, 2021

    10 : 00

    • During Year 1 Chinese lessons the students have been learning through the topic of ” Sharing Our Planet”. The students discovered the differences between natural and manmade resources, they also gained an understanding of how these resources affect people’s life and the planet we live on.

      The final area the children studied was focused on ‘plastic’, one of the most common resources that is used on our planet. They learned about the plastic products around us, and the convenience it brings to our daily life. At the same time, they discussed the serious issue of environmental pollution caused by plastic, due to the time it takes this resource to degrade.

      After their research, the Year 1 students discussed possible ways of reducing plastic waste: SAVE, REUSE, and RECYCLE. The children decided to participate in a wonderful recycling activity to highlight the knowledge they learned. They brought in some plastic materials from home and created some fantastic toys, we have many toy makers of the future! A Handmade Toy Charity Sale was then held in Year 1 Learning Community, at the end of the sale, all of the toys were sold out!

      All funds collected from the sale will be donated to an Environmental Organization that contributes to making a better planet for everyone.