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    Books, books and more book!


    29 Apr, 2021

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    • We celebrated our annual Book Week last week, with students having an abundance of exciting experiences. We use Book Week as a further opportunity to highlight the important use of books, both fiction and non-fiction within our learning.

      On Monday 19th April, we launched our Book Week celebrations with peer reading across the whole school. The Secondary students visited the Primary Learning Communities during form time to share and read books with the younger students.

      Throughout the week, we were visited by virtual authors. Each author ran a workshop for the students where they joined in with creating their own illustrations, watching performances and learning about the process an author takes to create a book.

      Take a look at some of the world renowned authors that came to visit YCIS Chongqing virtually this week:

      Karin Littlewood is an award winning internationally acclaimed illustrator and author. She has illustrated over 40 books as well as writing and illustrating her own books. Here is a selection of Karin’s books: IMMI, Sea Horse, The Color of Home and The Day the Rains Fell.

      Karl Nova is one of the UK’s leading poets and hip-hop artists, who delivers his work in a unique and energetic style. Karl uses music and poetry to tell his story.

      Nick Toczek is a best-selling author, professional writer and performer. He works as a poet, magician, storyteller, puppeteer, novelist, creative writing tutor and journalist. He has published three dozen books, including: Me and My Poems! And Cats, Bats, Slugs, Bugs.

      Sarah Robert is an eco-expert who has worked in conservation all around the world and now uses her picture books to promote environmental awareness. Within her session she explored where plastic comes from and developing an understanding of sustainability.

      On Friday 23rd April, the children came to school dressed as their favourite book character. We celebrated the end of this year’s Book Week with a Character Parade. The whole school came together in the gym to showcase their costumes. Each year group took turns to participate in a procession. Mr. Ward and Ms. Xiao judged each year group, awarding best dressed to 1 boy and 1. These children received a Book Week prize and points towards their house.

      The students enjoyed exploring books in a variety of ways throughout the week. We hope that our promotion for a love for reading can continued to shine through the students all year round. Unfortunately, this year we were unable to invite the book sellers for our annual book fair. However, if you would like to purchase any books, you can use the Obido Reading Club leaflet which has a wide variety of books for all ages that you can order. The deadline for purchasing is Friday 30th April.