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    Stepping into YCYW Alumni Network


    29 Jan, 2021

    10 : 00

    • Technology has shortened the distance among people and connects them like never before. Like-minded people can now share views, information and useful resources. They are also using social media platforms to share their talents, support study and research, for others it’s a way to find career development or new employment opportunities

      If you are not already aware, we have our own social media platform to connect and share. The Yew Chung and Yew Wah Alumni network is one of the most popular platforms in our YCYW community! The platform connects 27,000 alumni members from around the world. It creates the perfect channel for graduates, staff, and current students to exchange information, support each other to achieve their goals, and provide opportunities to develop personally and professionally.

      The Yew Chung Education Foundation has a Development and Alumni Relations Head Office which is responsible for planning and hosting alumni activities and institutional fund-raising events. An Alumni Coordinator is appointed within each school to represent the Head Office and support planning and implementation of local alumni activities. The Alumni Coordinator and University Guidance Officer collaborate to host various activities that promote being part of an extensive alumni network.

      The leadership team of Alumni Association works with the Advisory Board, they are responsible for global activity planning and implementation. The Advisory Board is made up of 6 regional alumni representatives based in Mainland China and beyond. Each year, different types of alumni activities are held all over the world, with themes ranging from career development, family gatherings, networking, business and academic exchange etc. This wide range of activities offer our alumnus great opportunities to expand their social network and gain inspiration from their peers.

      YCIS Chongqing held its annual Alumni Information Session this week in order to promote the YCYW Alumni network with our Year 12 and Year 13 IBDP students. Our University Guidance Officer, Mr. Hall began proceedings with an overview of the event and its purpose, Ms. Liu, a member of our Marketing and Admissions team then shared the functions of each of the global branches within the Alumni Community. Inspired by an opportunity to reach out to the wider community, our Year 13 and Year 12 students eagerly took out their laptops to become a member and register on our Alumni Engagement Platform- Yewtopia!

      We hope our new members of Yewtopia from YCIS Chongqing will explore this wonderful platform, building strong and lasting relationships with the alumni from around world! Good luck to all our members of the alumni network, keep on sharing and supporting each other!