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    Exploring a Dinosaur Museum at YCIS


    18 Dec, 2020

    10 : 00

    • Since Year 1 wasn’t able to go to the Dinosaur Museum to open our Dinosaur Topic, we have decided to open our own museum. The Year 1 Learning Community went on a virtual tour of the Chongqing Natural Museum and discussed what we would need in our museum and created our own design. We then researched information about our favourite dinosaurs and wrote fact files.

      Following that, we created sculptures of dinosaurs using newspaper, plaster of Paris and acrylic paints. It was so messy but we had tremendous fun in the process!

      Next we explored poetry and learnt some dinosaur poems using Talk4Writing strategies to help us remember it and also created giant 3D dinosaur art.

      Finally, the day to open our Dinosaur Museum arrived and we were amazingly organised and worked collaboratively to transform our classroom into a fantastic space. We also designated some Dinosaur Experts, Ticket Officers, Museum Managers and Customer Support Assistants to ensure that all our visitors are taken care of and could learn about dinosaurs as much as they can.

      It was amazing to see so many visitors from K4, Year 2, Year 3, and Year 6 and even our YCIS secondary school. We were also honoured to welcome our school Principals and Headteachers. The three-day event was a huge success and the children were so proud to demonstrate their achievements, share their knowledge and performed the poems so beautifully. All the teachers in the school were so astonished and proud of them!

      Even though the parents couldn’t visit the museum, we want to make sure that we share the experience with them. They will receive a special pack of dinosaur art and learning samples created by their children and a special video created by our Learning Community Team.