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    Sharing a Joyful Learning Experience


    11 Dec, 2020

    10 : 00

    • On Thursday 3rd December, our Year 7 students invited students from ECE to ‘test out’ the work they have been completing in their Humanities lessons.

      The students have been learning about Ancient Mesopotamia and the different city states that exist there. As part of their studies, they have learned that the Mesopotamian people worshiped in a Ziggurat, a type of temple.

      Students were tasked with creating their own Ziggurat and while also turning it into a marble run for the ECE children to enjoy. Their challenge was to ensure the marble run was able fit into specific dimensions and it also had to be recognizable as an example of a Ziggurat.

      Students had a great time testing whose marble run was the longest, and which one was most recognizable as a Ziggurat. Our ECE ‘judges’ were delighted to have their votes count in the overall competition, they were so excited to work with and learn from our older students.