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    Year End Letter from School Leadership Team


    26 Jun, 2020

    10 : 00

    • This week brings an end to an extremely eventful 2019-2020. The school has been closed to a pandemic for fourteen weeks and that students and staff have been engaged in an e-learning programme that had never been trialled before. We thank all members of the YCIS Chongqing community for your support during these challenging times and offer congratulations for the wonderful collaboration on display as students, teachers and parents worked together to develop a coherent learning programme.

      Over the past three weeks, the school has celebrated the graduation of our Year 13, Year 6 and ECE students as well as completing the annual awards with a mix of live and Zoom presentations. These ceremonies remind us all of the enormous impact our learning programmes have on the development of all our students, from K3 all the way to Year 13. Once again, the social distancing restrictions necessitated this mixed approach and we offer our congratulations to all students who received awards for their approach to learning, subject achievement and special recognition awards.

      We would also wish to take this opportunity to thank all our teaching and non-academic team for their tireless and dedicated efforts in developing a quality learning programme. Special thanks to school leaders for your guidance and direction in optimising learning opportunities this year. We also extend a huge thank you to all our parents for your ongoing support. There is no doubt that a strong relationship between the school and home enhances the learning for your children.

      Finally, we wish everyone a relaxing and refreshing summer holiday, our departing students and teachers a wonderful new adventure and the school looks forward to welcoming all returning students and staff in August.