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    'Portrait Cos Challenge' Proved to be Great Fun


    08 May, 2020

    10 : 00

    • It is incredible to think that ECE have now completed our 14th week of e-learning due to the school closure as the pandemic continues around the world. While our students are unable to busy themselves in the school’s bright and busy learning environment, engaging with their peers and teachers in face to face activities, it is clear to us all that they are enjoying their e-learning.

      We have recently launched an exciting project in K4, ‘Portrait COS Show’. The idea originated from K3’s previous topic study of ‘Guess Who I AM’, and has been expanded for our K4 students, who have the opportunity to display their creativity!

      The project began with the K4 children searching and selecting their favorite portrait paintings ,via Internet or from resources supplied by their teachers, where they were asked to focus on the features they saw in the paintings, and their task was to try their best to imitate this artwork. With great support from their parents, our K4 children then carefully chose the most appropriate materials to tailor their own costumes, dressed-up in character with adornments arranged on their costumes and hair as required. They even put on make-up to match the paintings!

      Our supportive parents took photographs of their children to capture this exciting moment and uploaded the photos along with the original portraits, displaying their exquisite creativity and imagination. Please enjoy this COS Show!

      These activities have fully engaged our children, which have developed their observation skills, manipulative skills as well as broadening their imitation, which makes our e-learning so enjoyable. Well-done K4! We continue to look forward to witnessing more of your wonderful work through your e-learning journey!