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    The Three Little Pigs


    31 Oct, 2019

    10 : 00

    • For the past few weeks, Year 1 children have been exploring the story of “The Three Little Pigs”. They were excited when they have discovered some wolf footprints in the classroom and followed an aerial photo map to find some mysterious materials – straw, sticks and bricks. Then, children learnt the story with actions using the Story Telling technique.

      To complete the immersive cross-curricular learning, the students learnt all about materials and their properties. We were impressed by their enthusiasm of learning new vocabulary and identifying objects that are made of wood, plastic or fabric in the classroom.

      We then combined D&T and Art learning with Literacy by creating our large models of “The Three Little Pigs” story setting, and writing labels. Eventually, the children adapted their story maps and created their own versions of the story with the houses made of different materials. We even had houses made of ice cream or clouds!

      The students were so proud of their achievements that we have decided to invite their parents to share our learning. We were amazed of the fantastic participance of all the parents who eagerly supported their children with retelling their own stories and admired their creations.

      It was such a great learning experience enjoyed by all students and parents! Thanks to everyone who attended! Well done Year 1!