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    Humanities Day


    19 Sep, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Thursday 12th September 2019 saw the Humanities department of YCIS Chongqing launch their very first Humanities Day event!

      The event had several purposes – one of which was to highlight to parents, students and indeed teacher themselves what makes Humanities subjects similar to each other, and different from others. Our favorite response to the survey question “what do you think is the focus of Humanities subjects?” was ‘to understand the world in which we live’ and it was clear to see in the Exhibits, students exploring global issues of the past and present.

      Another purpose was to highlight the dynamic nature of our subjects and this was certainly achieved through the interactive activities organized by the Lower Secondary staff and students. Much fun and learning were had!

      Thanks to all who made the event possible: parents for coming in to support, students for their amazing work, and Humanities Staff for their hours of planning.

      A great event was had, and the platform was built from which a bigger and bolder Humanities Day 2020 will be launched