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    Lip Sync Battle


    14 Jun, 2019

    10 : 00

    • This year, on June 8, the Physical Education Department showcased student skills in a Lip Sync Battle. As our charismatic hosts, Olivia Choi and David Zheng, explained at the beginning of the show, "lip-sync" is a simple concept. A team of students choregraphed, rehearsed and performed a dance, whilst inviting a teacher to "sing" the lyrics. Yes, a simple concept. But one that, without a doubt, it was taken to a high standard.

      Throughout the evening, the audience enjoyed performances from a range of big names – Taylor Swift, BTS, Bruno Mars, Why Don’t We and, of course, Year 5 to Year 9. The moves the students choreographed were impressive, with students employing a range of modern dance styles, coupled with some spectacular flips from our parkour experts. Our Media Team made sure that the fun and atmospheric lighting set the celebratory mood. Of course, after witnessing the efforts from our students, teachers could do nothing more than "sing" their hearts out.

      Furthermore, through their involvement in the Lip-Sync Battle students grew as performers and team players. Not only did students hone their performance skills, but they learnt how vital communication and collaboration are to big group by planning chorography together and managing their own rehearsals.

      Students and teachers were proud of their achievements and remember the dance unit as a lot of fun. Next October, students will be preparing for their parkour performances, for which, after this dance unit, we are very excited to witness.