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    Architects in the Classroom


    04 Apr, 2019

    10 : 00

    • In the Year 5 Learning Community mathematics lessons, we have been doing work with division including mental, short and long division. To apply our knowledge and skills of long division to the real world, the students have become architects, scaling down our classrooms to a size of 1:24 ratio.

      The students first took the time to measure out the floor of the classroom, the carpets, and the tables. After finding the actual measurement of the items, the students divided by 24 using long division to find the scaled size. Using A4 and A3 paper with squared centimeter grid, the students have begun to draw out the blueprint of the classroom. To further challenge themselves, students had to be aware of the placement of the carpets and tables in the classroom, finding the floor gap between the items and the walls, and scaling those measurements down to size using a 1:24 ratio.

      Overall, it has been a challenging, interesting and fun project for the students. They are working well together in small groups, using their knowledge and skills of not only long division but also measurement, rounding, and converting units. Look at the wonderful projects our students have completed!