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    Roman Shield Wall


    07 Mar, 2019

    10 : 00

    • In Year 7 humanities, students have been learning about ancient Rome. As part of the course they looked at early roman campaigns against their arch rivals, Carthage. One of main the reasons why Rome became a super power was the strength and discipline of the Legions. It was due to the organisation and bravery of the Roman Legions that allowed Rome to progress from a small city state to an Empire encompassing the entire Mediterranean Sea. In order for our students to gain a better understanding of the life and organisation of the Roman Legions, the Year 7’s were given the opportunity to make their own Roman swords and shields and take part in their own shield wall.

      Creating the swords and shields allowed students to engage in cross-subject lessons. First of all, the students were tasked with designing shields. Designs were expected to resemble the style and colours of typical, period, Roman shields. When all the designs were finished the students voted on which design they would like to use as a template. Once the design was decided a centurion was chosen to organise the class in making the shields and swords. This involved using a range of different materials and challenged students to be creative and critical thinkers. Once constructed the shields were taken to the art room to be painted.

      Finally the big day came, and the students marched outside to form a shield wall, tortoise formation and wedge formation. They learnt the importance and strength working together to achieve a goal as well as some of the history of the roman wars.