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    Year 13 TOK Presentation


    23 Nov, 2018

    10 : 00

    • On Wednesday, November 21, our Year 13 students had impressively showcased their academic communication, research and thinking skills through the mock Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Presentations.

      Through the IB Diploma Programme’s critical thinking course, TOK students have started to develop and unlock their ability to reflect critically and be aware of themselves as thinkers; as well as encouraging themselves to become more acquainted with the complexity of knowledge within their specific subjects and beyond in the wider world.

      This was demonstrated during our exciting TOK presentations this week, where Amy Lee gave a remarkably analysis of how mathematics and the scientific knowledge framework defines our standards of beauty. Her clear and academic structure enabled the audience of teachers and peers to follow along with her through her insightful and though provoking speech. Jose Ortega Flores and Julia Miller gave a thoughtful explanation of the extent that the knowledge we acquire through the arts can be contradictory to the objective history. Abstract ‘big picture’ thematic themes and difficult concepts were broken down during the presentation and explained through relatable real-life examples. Jonguk Cheon and Matthew Rhude gave a very relevant presentation on the extent artists utilize knowledge from other subjects; during which they notably used technology and media to effectively communicate their thesis. And Josh Koh, after careful research, gave a discerning talk on the influence faith has on our perception of knowledge within the natural sciences and the religious knowledge systems.

      All the students held Q&As after each presentation, each answering challenging questions with confidence and conviction to their engaged audience of teachers and peers.

      Our TOK course has been designed to demonstrate the ways in which students can apply their knowledge with greater awareness and credibility. Our knowledgeable and open minded Year 13 students have proved that they can do just that. After such an impressive start, we excitedly look forward to the next round, were Seohyun, Seungjin and Tobe will take to the stage!