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    The Beat Goes On!


    16 Jul, 2018

    10 : 00

    • This year has been an exciting year for music students both in and outside of class. Throughout the year students have gained a wealth of musical knowledge, added more tools to their creative toolbox, and earned the practical experience to put them closer to a professional level of musicianship.

      In addition to great work in the classroom, YCIS performance groups were busy with a variety of performances both inside and outside of school. The talents of our orchestra and lower secondary classes were showcased during our first Holiday Spectacular along with the talents of individual students.

      The YCIS Noteworthy Singers Children’s Choir sang at performances at hotels and many school activities showing their ability to learn new material quickly and their high vocal quality.

      Our Community Choir also had several performances throughout the year and mastered much more challenging repertoire than most choirs of their size.

      The student rock bands continued to rock as they provided entertainment for the Talent Show, Secondary Winter Ball, and other shows throughout the year.

      While all of our performance groups are improving, there was an especially remarkable spike in expectations from our small instrumental ensembles as they learned to work together in small groups for the Fine Arts Festival, Graduation, and other events that required a touch of class.

      All in all, it’s been a busy and productive year for those involved with music at YCIS. We look forward to making music with you all next year.