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    Happy Dragon Boat Festival


    20 Jun, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Right after Grain in Ear, hardworking Chinese people start to pluck felon herb to welcome the annual Dragon Boat Festival! Wrapping Zongzi is often the most traditional and common way to celebrate it.

      This year, Y2 student at YCIS Chongqing experienced a special wrapping Zongzi activity. It was a great honor that our professional canteen chefs came to teach us how to make a Zongzi. This time, we were challenged to make glutinous/sticky rice dumplings without stuffing.

      Bamboo leaves, glutinous rice and colorful threads were already prepared on tables. Our chefs demonstrated how to wrap a Zongzi step by step. First, he curled one end of the leave as a funnel; secondly, he filled the funnel with glutinous/sticky rice; lastly, he fastened with color thread. At the end, a cute Zongzi laid on a plate! Students were all ready to start.

      Curling bamboo leaves, pouring glutinous/sticky rice, wrapping the dumplings with the rest of leaf, fastening them with colorful threads…soon the plate were full of Zongzi in different shapes made by our Y2 students! They were all proud of their achievements!

      We celebrate Dragon Boat Festival every year to inherit the traditional Chinese culture and memorize the great ancient poet Quyuan. We hope that our students could have a deep understanding of the cultural background of the festival while eating delicate Zongzi.