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    A Blast From The Past - Parkour Night 2018


    08 Jun, 2018

    10 : 00

    • On the 6th of June, students from Year 5 to 13 blown the audience off their chairs with exciting and spectacular parkour performances. This year the students returned with a spectacular show, filled with summersaults, tornado's, wall spins and dance. The students told stories like the Salt March, led by Gandhi, the Titanic, D-Day and many more iconic moments from history.

      Students worked in groups individually on their performances, which required teamwork, risk-taking and dedication from all team members. The whole evening was student led, with performances choreographed by all students, stage design and MC parts done by the Year 12 IB CAS Students, Photos and Videos taken by the Student Broadcast Club and cold beverages sold by our Student Council. The audience left the show full of excitement.

      The Physical Education department was extremely proud of the results and was impressed with the talent of our students.