Year 2 SeaLife Centre Trip

As part of our topic "Oceans & Seas", the Year 2s had a classroom visit from staff of SeaLife Centre and also visited the SeaLife Centre in Chongqing.

On Tuesday, February 26, the children were introduced to characters from the SeaLife Centre who taught them about BRP: Breed, Reproduce and Protect. These are the three main aims of SeaLife Centre’s across the world. 

Then on Friday, March 1, all Year 2s visited the SeaLife Centre. We saw many different animals including, sharks, turtles, jellyfish, clownfish and rays, we even got to touch a starfish! 

The Year 2s were able to build on their knowledge from the classroom; ocean animals, their habitats and ocean pollution and will continue to use this and the things they learnt on the excursion to prepare an exhibition as part of the Science Fair in a few weeks’ time.

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