• Happy Dragon Boat Festival

    Right after Grain in Ear, hardworking Chinese people start to pluck felon herb to welcome the annual Dragon Boat Festival! Wrapping Zongzi is often the most traditional and common way to celebrate it.

    This year, Y2 student at YCIS Chongqing experienced a special wrapping Zongzi activity. It was a great honor that our professional canteen chefs came to teach us how to make a Zongzi. This time, we were challenged to make glutinous/sticky rice dumplings without stuffing.

    Bamboo leaves, glutinous rice and colorful threads were already prepared on tables. Our chefs demonstrated how to wrap a Zongzi step by step. First, he curled one end of the leave as a funnel; secondly, he filled the funnel with glutinous/sticky rice; lastly, he fastened with color thread. At the end, a cute Zongzi laid on a plate! Students were all ready to start. 

    Curling bamboo leaves, pouring glutinous/sticky rice, wrapping the dumplings with the rest of leaf, fastening them with colorful threads…soon the plate were full of Zongzi in different shapes made by our Y2 students! They were all proud of their achievements!

    We celebrate Dragon Boat Festival every year to inherit the traditional Chinese culture and memorize the great ancient poet Quyuan. We hope that our students could have a deep understanding of the cultural background of the festival while eating delicate Zongzi.

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  • Celebrating the Graduation of YCIS Class of 2018

    On June 8th, the Class of 2018 celebrated the culmination of their time at YCIS–Chongqing with a wonderful graduation ceremony that included moving speeches from both students and staff. This graduation ceremony was a milestone for YCIS Chongqing as this was the largest graduating cohort to pass through the school.

    Family, friends, teachers, and fellow YCIS students were all in attendance to share in the joyous occasion and help send off the newly minted graduates. The Great Hall echoed with applause in honor of a group whose members have achieved remarkable academic results and are set to move on to some of the top prestigious universities worldwide.

    Each of the Year 13 graduates earned and received their YCIS Diploma, marking a successful end to their secondary school years. Graduates will now head off to their various institutions of higher learning around the world including Boston University, University of Illinois-Chicago, University of Notre Dame , Indiana University , Hong Kong University, Fudan University , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of British Columbia and University of Manitoba.

    The Class of 2018 has been an incredibly impressive and goal-focused group of students, and YCIS Chongqing wishes them all the best with their future study and careers!

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  • Xi’an Exhibition

    Year 6 students had an amazing trip in Xian back in April! After retuning back from Xi’an, they have been diligently working on “Xi’an Exhibition” one of their tasks showcasing their understanding of the great city of Xi’an.

    The focus of the exhibition was to introduce all aspects of Xi’an to our guests, including culture, custom, language, architecture, art and craft, and even the food! It truly demonstrated Year 6s’ creativity and imagination.

    Held in the Great Hall, the exhibition was a culmination of English, Maths, Topic, Art and Chinese Studies. English writing genres included recount, report, reflective, poetry and descriptive writing pieces. During the exhibition, Year 6 students stood by their display board and confidently introduced and explained to the guests.

    The journey through Xi’an lasted for a couple of weeks and students reflected as part of their homework as well. A student designed Xi’an Book will soon be released and each student will receive a digital version of the Xi’an book on a USB drive. We trust this memory will be an unforgettable learning experience for all students.

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  • The Diploma Programme: Theory of Knowledge

    TOK, which is short for Theory of Knowledge, is regarded as the heart of the IB Diploma Programme. When asked about what makes IB students better ready for university than others, admissions officers tend to highlight TOK.

    TOK forms the foundation of the whole programme and it elevates the DP curriculum to a level of sophistication not achieved by other qualifications. It provides an understanding of how and why we learn. It also operates within a clear framework for the knowledge produced in other DP subjects.

    Recently our Year 12 Diploma Programme students have been reflecting on the nature of knowledge within the sciences. Together they create videos to reflect on how technology affect our ways of knowing (emotion, reason, language, memory, faith, sense perception, intuition and imagination).

    We celebrate the Year12s achievements and wish them a successfully transition to their future college study and career development.

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  • A Blast From The Past - Parkour Night 2018

    On the 6th of June, students from Year 5 to 13 blown the audience off their chairs with exciting and spectacular parkour performances. This year the students returned with a spectacular show, filled with summersaults, tornado's, wall spins and dance. The students told stories like the Salt March, led by Gandhi, the Titanic, D-Day and many more iconic moments from history. 

    Students worked in groups individually on their performances, which required teamwork, risk-taking and dedication from all team members. The whole evening was student led, with performances choreographed by all students, stage design and MC parts done by the Year 12 IB CAS Students, Photos and Videos taken by the Student Broadcast Club and cold beverages sold by our Student Council. The audience left the show full of excitement. 

    The Physical Education department was extremely proud of the results and was impressed with the talent of our students.

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  • National High School Spring Debate

    On May 26th eight YCIS Chongqing students attended the Spring 2018 NHSDLC debate tournament at Chongqing Jianshan school. High school and middle school students from across China journeyed to Chongqing to compete for the first spot. The topic for the debate was extremely challenging examining international politics and considering China’s potential as a world super power and peace keeping nation. Despite the challenges involved the eight students rose to the challenge and demonstrated their ability to compete at a high level against students from as far as Beijing and Shanghai, many with years of experience. 

    In the middle school division, the YCIS Chongqing representative stole the show. After facing stiff competition from local schools in Chongqing and participants from as far as Shenyang both YCISCQ teams made it to the final round. This meant that out of the two teams involved they managed to take home first and second place. The high school division was much more competitive and included several previous champions from across China. One of the high school teams managed to get passed the league round and into the knockout section of the tournament but were not fortunate to win this year. However, they showed great dedication to success giving up several evenings and weekends to prepare and compete. With more practice and experience I am confident that the YCISCQ students will continue to have more success in the future and have a strong possibility to win the high school debate final in the future.  

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  • STEM Learning in Year 4

    Year 4’s current topic is ‘Extreme Energy’. We have mainly focused on different sources of energy, and the importance of clean, renewable energy.

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  • We Are the World

    In the early days of January 2018 our Music, Dance & Drama departments started to prepare a musical concert called “We are the World” to celebrate our Global citizenship school ethos and values. Students from Year 1 – 3 worked incredibly hard at their singing and dancing skills and started to explore the process involved in creating a performance!

    Our students were exposed to music, language and cultural dance styles from all over the world. Through musical theatre our students were given the opportunity to sing and dance on stage and gain a very important life skill: Self-confidence!

    On May 31 2018 the “We Are the World” concert took the audience on a beautiful journey. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed watching the children on their imaginary flight from China all the way to New York and beyond – visiting places such as France, Scotland, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Africa and Japan. Each and every item gave the audience a taste of the International cultures we embrace at YCIS.

    The finale with all our students singing “We are the World” and waving their flags certainly brought a tear to the eye… Bravo YCIS Chongqing!  

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  • Europe Day Celebration Inspires Beautiful Performance

    The European Chamber Southwest Chapter held the 2018 Europe Day Celebration on May 26 at the Chongqing 303 Theater. The day is for celebrating the “Schuman Declaration”, which is widely recognized as the milestone for the political and economic integration of the European Union. This year was the 68th anniversary of the historical event.

    In Chongqing, the European Chamber typically hosts a grand event, which includes a variety of performances, and influential figures and business leaders who are invited to attend.  Guests had the pleasure of hearing our YCIS Community Choir, who brought several beautiful and poignant choral songs to the performances. It was indeed a great show of musical talent and passion.

    We look forward to hearing more from our YCIS Community Choir in the future!

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