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  • Amazing Race YCIS

    As an annual school wide event, Amazing Race becomes one of the favorite activities that YCIS students and staff look forward to.

    On Friday, April 13th, 48 secondary students...

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  • Art and Music in Harmony

    Dear Friends, 

    We would like to take this opportunity to give you some updates about the annual Fine Arts Festival.

    “Art and Music in Harmony” on Wednesday, April 25, 2018. We are very happy to have the opportunity to provide an event of this caliber to the community, and we are excited that our students’ artwork and performances will be showcased. Festival doors open at 4:00 pm, on Wednesday, April 25, 2018. The festival commences with live entertainment from our school orchestra in the front courtyard at 4:15. The Year 5-13 students’ ensemble selections will do their best to represent as much variety of talent as possible.

    The Fine Arts Festival will be an incredible event that we hope will continue to be a long-lived YCIS Chongqing tradition.

    Please feel free to contact Ms. Deboni and/or Ms. Sal at,, Ms. N, Mr. Vukovich and/or Mr. Li at,, for all other questions.

    We look forward to seeing you there!


    Sincerely Yours,

    Art and Music Departments

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  • Fantastic Fractions

    Year 4 have been deepening and consolidating their understanding of fractions over the last few weeks. In particular, they have focused on equivalent fractions, decimal equivalents for tenths and hundredths, and different representations of fractions. From here the children will be moving on to finding non-fractions of amounts and applying their learning by solving problems. 

    The children have enjoyed using fraction walls, fraction bars and their own diagrams for representations. They have used these to find and prove why sets of fractions are equivalent to each other or not. As well as this they have been identifying patterns in equivalent fractions and developing rules to find further fractions that go beyond our fraction wall or diagrams. 

    Using these kinds of visual representations, as well as creating their own number lines to order sets of equivalent fractions and decimals gives the children a greater sense of what these amounts are actually worth. This enables them to use this knowledge successfully when applying it to problem solving and real-life contexts. 

    The children have enjoyed playing a variety of games and taken part in many different activities to make their fractions learning exciting and engaging.

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  • A Tour in Africa

    For the past month, Year 6 students have been closely studying the life of David Livingstone. Starting from his early career, they have analyzed how and why he ended up in the continent of Africa. His life in Africa opened up many more themes and topics for study, including religious missionaries, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Imperialism and abolition.

    As a Year 6 Learning Community, all students teamed up to create a scale map of Africa with details and information for each individual country. Some of these details included the country’s economy, flag, population, languages spoken, as well as the climate and biome. An enjoyable and worthwhile task, many students volunteered to do two or three countries.

    Using their prior knowledge and experience from their city pamphlets from the previous semester, students finished this project in no time! Once completed, every student’s country report fit together like a large, beautiful puzzle. Informative and fun at the same time, students found it to be a great experience that they hope can be done with another continent or country.

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  • The Day Paratroopers Made ‘Air Strikes’ in Year 3

    Yew Chung students, not only study two languages and cultures, but also experience many types of scientific activity. This time Year 3SC had the chance to prove their scientific knowledge.

    The students have previously studied various machines that can fly, and how they are affected by gravity, air buoyancy and the pull of the engine. In this week’s class we focused on air resistance. With the support of two teachers the children made a parachute and held a parachute competition.

    After receiving instruction on the structure of parachutes, the children began to create their own. First we cut plastic bags into shape to make the parachute. Then we tied strings to each corner and the children experimented with different styles. Could we make the parachute fall slowly to the ground? To be safe we didn’t use real children under the parachutes, but instead used coloring pencils to substitute as paratroopers!

    Our ‘battlefield’ was the playground. Children threw their parachute into the air to see whose would stay in the air the longest! After many repeated throws of our parachutes, we not only had fun, but also discovered that the parachutes that could create the greater air resistance by increasing the surface area of the parachute would stay in the air the longest.

    This type of practical first-hand science activity provided a happy atmosphere, allowing us to question and problem-solve reasons behind scientific knowledge we have studied, as well as cultivating a curiosity and interest in science. We were happy to see our future scientists shining brightly!

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  • A Class Struggle Won

    We are proud to share YCIS Chief Executive and School Supervisor Dr Betty Chan’s interview in South China Morning Post published on 7th April 2018. “It is really through teacher training that we can have the greatest impact on our community,” Speaking to SCMP, Dr Chan shared her pioneering journey on innovating the local kindergarten education with “play-based” pedagogy plus no homework in 1970s and how she navigated through a sea of daunting comments by holding on to her beliefs. Taking the milestone of 85th anniversary, Dr Chan identified a paradigm shift in teacher education as necessary, and went on elaborating on her aspiration of the “B to B” (Baby to Bachelor’s) concept as a way to realise YCEF’s pedigree of nurturing future generations from infancy and tertiary, plus the launching of Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education next academic year upon government approval. Taking one step further, we aim to create a holistic educational environment ranging from professional development, academic and practitioner research to parent-community education and outreach especially for those underprivileged young children.

    Read the full coverage here.

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  • Chinese Magazine Contribution

    At YCIS Chongqing, we developed wide range of Chinese classes for both CFL and CAL students. These classes are tailor-made to cater for students with different Chinese language abilities. Through practicing listening, speaking, reading and writing, students explore eastern culture. The weekly Chinese Studies class not only provides students the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Chinese language, but also leads them to appreciate Chinese culture.

    Our topic of interest this year is Flavor.

    Spring has arrived and it’s time to call for contributions for the 4th issue of our Chinese magazine US. We encourage Primary students from different ages and levels to get involved and showcase their Chinese language skills.

    Both ECE and Primary have two teachers present in all classrooms. One Western teacher and one Chinese teacher help to implement a bilingual learning environment in English and Chinese. Our Co-Teachers share equal authority in the classroom, and together they plan and implement lessons that provide students with a multicultural environment. Students develop proficiency in two of the most important languages and related cultures in 21st century.

    Narration: it is based on storytelling, sharing feelings about life

    Instruction: talk about different flavors of food, impacts on people’s health, and the relationship between flavor and personal character

    Argumentation: the balance of flavor, how it influences people’s character.

    Imagination essay: what if I am a bottle of vinegar…; if I am a lollipop…

    Poetry: the smell of the sun, the feel of the moon, the taste of the sea, the flavor of mom/dad…

    For details, please speak to our Primary Chinese teachers. More information will be published in ClassDojo after Spring Break.

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  • Sports Unites Student, Parents and Staff at YCIS

    The Annual YCIS Chongqing Sports Day, is often plagued by inclement weather, however, with a later start date this year, YCIS Chongqing’s biggest sporting event of the year was blessed with fantastic weather. The beautiful spring weather would signify the start of a fantastic day of sunshine, house spirit and personal bests.

    With constant growth in student enrollment, over 400 Dragon and Phoenix House students from K3 to Year 13 could be seen taking part in track and field throughout the course of the day. Each student took part in a total of 6 events, followed by some extremely exciting relay races at the end of the day. In true YCIS tradition, this was followed by student and staff relays, which was held at the end of the day.

    Overall, student, staff and parent spectators were rewarded with exciting competition, nail-biting finishes, personal bests and some much needed vitamin D after a long winter.

    A very special thank you is extended to our fantastic YCIS Chongqing Parent Organization who provided healthy snacks, hot dogs and freshly blended fruit juices to keep our students fueled throughout the day. Once again, this proved to be a day favourite. One should also be extended to all YCIS Chongqing staff for all their hard work before and on the day. An event like this would not run smoothly without their assistance.

    To build the suspense, individual age-group champions will be acknowledged for their individual efforts as well as overall house champions announced at a whole school assembly next week. As a YCIS community, and in the spirit of friendly, yet fierce competition, the strongest house team will be revealed.  This year, will it be Phoenix House who takes the prize, or will it be Dragon House who will claim the Sport Day Shield?

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  • Music Year 9 Should Know

    Here’s a little peek into the Year 9 Music class and their current activities.

    Students have been learning a unit called “Music You Should Know”, put together by ...

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